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A One Day Excursion in Cairo Egypt

A trip to Cairo by air from Cyprus was taken by myself and a friend. Read how we got on. Photo by Denise James

A Trip to Disneyworld Orlando in Florida

Disney World in Orlando is a wonderful trip for all the family, especially with the many great Theme Parks to visit. Photo by Denise James

A Trip to the Algarve in Portugal

Wonderful beaches to explore in the Algarve in Portugal.  Photo by Denise Larkin

My Visit to the Merchant's House Museum in New York City

The Merchant's House Museum is a historic house in New York City. I visited the Merchant's House Museum a while back and wanted to share some details about it.   Photo by Denise Larkin

A Trip to Disneyland Paris

If you live in England, then taking a trip to Disneyland Paris is easy. Find out more about Disneyland Paris here. Photo credit: The Author of this Blog

A Day Trip to Calais in France

I took a day trip to Calais in France. Here's what I got up to and how the day went.

A Visit to the Empire State Building in New York City

I went to New York for 5 days. Here is what I got up to at the Empire State Building. Photo by Denise Larkin