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A One Day Excursion in Cairo Egypt

A trip to Cairo by air from Cyprus was taken by myself and a friend. Read how we got on.

Photo by Denise James

An Excursion to Cairo From Cyprus

I went to Cairo in Egypt for one day by flying from Paphos to Cairo in August 2008. I booked the trip on the internet, and it cost me 384 euros per person.

The air trip was a good flight and it included food. It was one hour of flying time.

The day was packed with lots of things to do. We arrived at Cairo and was quickly transported to a coach, which took us to our first destination - Citadel of Saladin. The coach drove through Heliopolis, an elite residential suburb of Cairo our professional guide pointed out places of interest and introduced us to the long history and rich culture of Egypt 'en route' to our first highlights, being a mosque called Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali. We spent some time here inside the mosque walking around it.

The Pyramids of Giza

Our next stop was the Pyramids of Giza and the Mighty Sphinx. Our coach guide gave us lots of information, such as don't take your belongings when walking around. Take as little as possible, because you will be stopped along the way and asked to buy souvenirs. We walked around the pyramids and paid two euros to get inside the pyramid, which was indeed very squashy and tight when walking down steps. It is dark inside and during August the heat was unbearable. If you don't like being claustrophobic then don't bother going inside the pyramids. There is only a tomb down the bottom once inside. I did it just for the experience of knowing what it would feel like.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

All around this area of the Pyramids was very dusty and hot, as it was August. I wanted to travel to Cairo at this time only because I had a friend visit me here in Cyprus and she wanted to go with me. The heat at this time of year is unbearable and I wouldn't recommend anyone to do this. If you are here at this time of year, then I suggest drinking plenty of water at regular intervals whilst touring each site.
Five-star hotels

After this, we went to a five-star hotel called the Meridan hotel where we sat and had a four-course lunch. The food was excellent. Some excellent Egyptian spreads were laid out for us. It was a blessing to be inside an air-conditioned hotel. The heat outside had got humid and sticky by this time and we were glad for the stop inside this beautiful hotel.

Papyrus Institute

Afterward, we visited the Papyrus Institute and shopping at the oriental bazaar, where I bought an Egyptian 18-carat gold chain and pendant with my name written on it in Egyptian. I, also, bought an Egyptian painting scroll with my name written on it in Egyptian again. This place was air-conditioned throughout, so it was a luxury to be able to walk around and not to have to feel the heat for a while.

Cruise on the Nile

The next trip was the Cruise on the Nile with the folkloric presentation, belly dancing, cold sandwiches, cookies, coffee/tea and a complimentary glass of champagne. This was the best part of all, as we cruised down the Nile whilst eating and drinking watching the entertainment. After eating, we went out onto the deck and took some pictures of the Nile.

The End of the Trip

At the end of the trip, we went back to Cairo airport and traveled by air to Paphos. We had snacks on the plane which was included in our travel.

I recommend a day trip to Cairo from Cyprus, as it is a busy trip with lots to do. If you are on holiday in Cyprus during the high season, then please keep in mind that the weather will be very hot in Cairo. It is a popular trip with most tourists that visit Cyprus and it is quickly booked up, as flights for one day only leave Paphos on Tuesdays and Fridays. The best time to visit Cairo is in the month of April when the heat is more bearable or between November to March but bear in mind that at this time of year there may be only one flight a week from Cyprus going to Cairo.


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